How To Pickup Girls At The Gym


Picking up girls at the gym is a great idea if you want to get laid. The gym is a really good place to pickup girls. In fact, it’s the mecca of meeting and mingling. Singles have sex at the gym all the time and it’s possible for you to get laid very easily if you take the right approach. There’s a formula to all of this. You need to know exactly how to handle it step by step if you want to be a success.

pickup girls at gym

Steps To Pickup Girls At The Gym

Here’s the step by step approach to picking up girls at the gym.

Step One: Evaluate
The first step in picking up women at the gym is to evaluate the current situation before doing anything. You’ve got to analyze things before making a decision. Be aware of your surroundings and by surroundings, I mean, be aware of the number of smoking hot girls that you’ve surrounded by at the gym. Once you’ve identified how many hot girls are working out at your gym, you then need to figure out how many are single. Assume that a handful of them are and the a small percentage of the rest will probably cheat on their significant others, so you have that going for you.

Step Two: Socialize
The next step is to socialize with some of the girls. One thing you must not do is interrupt a girl during her set. If she’s mid-exercise and you’re trying to talk to her then you’re not scoring points. In fact, it shows that you don’t give a shit for her well being and that you’re just rude. Start by chatting with her and asking if she needs a spot. Just kidding, don’t ask that because you’ll look like an asshole. Instead, just start with a simple hello and say how are you. Talk about something that’s not political or offensive.

Step Three: Taking Action
Once you’ve got a dialogue going with the hot girl sporting sexy yoga pants and a sports bra, it’s time to get closer to her. Ask if she wants to do a couple sets with you or if she wants to finish working out with you. You’ve got to make an effort to connect with her and show that you’re somewhat interested in her.

Step Four: Asking Out
Don’t be afraid to ask her out after your workout. If you’re really into her, ask her if she wants to grab a couple drinks or even a shake after your workout. It doesn’t have to be anything special. You’ve just got to make sure you ask her out that day. Doing so doesn’t make you look like a dirtbag, it makes you look interested in her and some gym chicks love guys that are interested. In fact, I’ve fucked some girls in my gym locker room that wanted to bang. It’s not uncommon to have that happen either.

If you can’t pick up girls at the gym with those steps then I don’t know what to tell you. You’re going to have practice this and really put in the effort to perfect this. Give it a shot. What’s the worst thing that happens? You don’t get laid. The best thing that can happen? You get laid that day! Go for it!