How To Have Kinky Sex With A Casual Date


Having kinky sex is a ton of fun. It’s something that most guys want to experience as much as possible, yet they sometimes aren’t vocal enough about their wants or needs in the bedroom. They shy away from letting women on dating sites know who they are and what really turns them on. That’s likely the biggest mistake that they can possibly make, to be honest. Here are some simple ways that you can have extremely enjoyable kinky sex with your casual sex date and not scare them away! In fact, you might really enjoy some of the things that I’m about to share so I suggest you read up on them carefully.

kinky sex

Ways To Have Kinky Sex With Someone You Meet Online

If you didn’t know by now, I’m a big fan of getting kinky with girls I meet on the Internet. I’ve made an effort to be open about my sexual desires and it’s really changed the way that I do things in the bedroom.

The first thing you need to do is let the world know what it is that you’re trying to accomplish. By that, I’m referring to sharing information on your dating profile and listing out every little detail that you love about getting kinky.

Bondage can be really fun if you’re both into it. Talk about spicing up things in the bedroom. This really does make things so much more fun. There are different things that you can do if you’d like.

You can always start by letting the girl tie you down in the bed. This typically makes me cum in a matter of minutes. Just make sure you both have a safe word to use if one isn’t having fun, they can express that to you.

Another option is to pin her wrists down and fuck her like crazy. Some women that I’ve met for sex online absolutely love being held down and fucked hard. I’m not sure why they like this but they really like it a lot. It’s been done time and time again by me and often results in the woman cumming everywhere.

You could also ask her to wear stilettos or boots in the bedroom. This makes things a little kinkier and they are easy to obtain. Just ask her to wear some sexy boots or heels and I’m sure she will gladly do so for you.

I also love incorporating some fun ass slapping and butt play into the sex. If a woman has a super huge booty, then it makes it so much fun to slap and giggle that big butt of hers around. Don’t be afraid to put some force behind those booty slaps. She’s going to appreciate the spankings, I promise!

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Last but not least, adding some dirty talk can be a real game-changer. I’ve had girls go from zero to a hundred just because I told them I wanted to fuck their naughty asses and I wanted them to tell me how much of a slut they were. Yes, it sounds a bit harsh but, mark my words, this stuff works like crazy!


These are just a few of the simple things that you can begin to incorporate into your bedroom to spice things up a bit. Don’t be afraid to get kinky and take things to the next level.

I always suggest trying to connect with someone more experienced than yourself. That way you can learn a few things along the way.