When Snap Sexting is Better Than Texting


Sometimes sending a text message is enough. Yup, I said it. Sometimes it can be the best way to communicate. Most of the time it’s not though! Snap sexting is a whole heck of a lot better than texting in a number of scenarios. Here’s a list of situations when you should stop texting and send a snapsext or a snapchat message instead.

Snap Sexting

The Times Snap Sexting Is The Best Option

When Your Outfit Is On Point

Dress Like A Boss

We all have good looking days as well as bad. If you’re having one of those ‘looking so fly’ outfit days and you’re on point more than usuals, then that’s one snap sexting moments to take advantage of. You’re better off showing the goods off to your potential hookup partner than telling them. If you’re looking good then show the world.

Having Some Fun Partying

party on

If you’re on a party roll and you’re not looking like an absolute disaster zone, then you’ve got a perfect excuse to chat versus text. Sending the partying chat will give a clearer indication of fun and looking for more fun versus sending some drunk text messages that no one can understand due the message looking like an encrypted code of some sorts. Show it in a snapsext video instead.

When You Have A Cute Dog To Show Off

cute dog snapchat

Have a cute puppy dog? Show that thing off! Girls love cute dogs. At least those with somewhat of a heart. If they’re cold as ice and hate cute animals then they’re suspect. Anyway, cute puppies in snapsext videos get people laid. I don’t know why, but it works!

When Text Expression Won’t Cut It

express yourself

You want to express yourself, but a simple text emoji isn’t going to cut it. If you’re super passionate about something and you need to express the F out of yourself then do it through a snapsext video. That truly sums it up and given that I’m hungover and looking to get my D wet, I’m going to hop on some video chat to convince a local girl to come bang me. Get yours my friends!

Oh, I should also let you know that I’m strictly using the Snapsext iOS version and nothing else. That’s all that I need to successfully hookup with people and that’s all you need too. You’re welcome…