How I Fuck Girls Using Pokemon Go And One Dating App


If you haven’t downloaded the new Pokemon Go app yet then you might be the only person on this planet that doesn’t use it. I’ve spent a significant amount of time the last week playing Pokemon Go and I’ve quickly determined that my chances of meeting more girls for sex have increased dramatically. Here’s how Pokemon Go just might help you get more girls.

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How Pokemon Go Can Get You Laid More

Here are a few secret tricks that I’ve learned since downloading Pokemon Go. I will first let you know that this actually was discovered by accident because I forgot to log off of something that I was using. Well, it turns out not doing so was the best thing that I could have done all week. Here are some tips on how I use Pokemon and Snapsext to get more pussy. Let me first talk about why this works.

If you’ve read the news lately then you understand how many individuals in their 20s and 30s are running around cities looking for Pokemon. What this has done is caused an influx of people on the streets and in public locations. This may not seem like much but I’m here to tell you that it really is quite something. The number of people hanging out in public places has increased so much that it’s also caused an increase in the number of people in public that are single.

What single people typically do is they have dating apps that allow them to locate other people around them that are looking to date. Well, Snapsext has superior technology in comparison to a lot of other dating sites. The site is able to easily connect you with individuals nearby in a matter of one second or less.

I used this to my advantage during this Go Pokemon craze. I hit the streets in hopes of connecting with more girls nearby colleges and local bars while at the same time using Snapsext and Pokemon Go. I was able to connect with other users nearby and simultaneously use both Snapsext and Pokemon. What I did was, I broke the ice with the girls by letting them know I was out and about playing Pokemon when in fact my real objective was to meet some girls to fuck.

I highly recommend taking the same approach to see how things work out nearby you. There’s an added plus of doing this because you will get some exercise and fresh air. Give it a shot and let me know how it goes. I’ve fucked a few girls using this tactic already. I’m sure you can do the same.

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You should keep in mind that this isn’t the only game that exists where people go out in public to play. However, it’s by far the most popular of it’s kind and if you live near a college or university I can almost guarantee that you will meet  some local girls down to fuck (aka DTF) if you take my advice.