How To Spoil Girls You Wanna Bang


Sometimes you need to spoil girls to get in their pants. It’s not something that you need to do on a regular basis but if you find that special someone that you meet online, then you might want to take the extra mile to eventually bang her. Take my advice here and just read this blog post. Chances are you will learn a thing or two that just might help you hit a homerun in the bedroom.

How To Spoil Girls

Ways To Spoil A Girl You Want To Hook Up With

I’m going to do everything that I normally refrain from doing, tell you exactly what you should do to hook up with a girl you really want to bang. That’s right, sometimes you need to spoil a girl to get in their pants. Here are some ways to spoil any girls that you really want to bang.

Surprise Day Away

Given that you met this girl online and that she likely doesn’t completely trust you just yet, instead of doing a weekend getaway, you could simply do a day-cation getaway.

I’d suggest a local high-end hotel if you live nearby one. Be sure to surprise the girl by letting her know (somewhat in advance) but don’t
book anything until she’s confirmed. You don’t want to waste too much money in the event that she says no.

Nice Dinner Date

There is nothing that lets a girl know you really like her versus taking her out for a nice dinner date. Trust me, a fantastic meal is going to speak volumes about the type of person you are.

Feel free to let the girl know in advance where you’re going so that she can dress up for it. She’ll feel sexier and that might help you get her dress on your bedroom floor quicker.

Surprise Massage

Sometimes a couples massage is a great way to kick things off. It shows that you really care about relaxation and treating a girl right. There’s nothing better than getting a massage (far as I’m concerned).

I’ve never met a girl on Snapsext that didn’t love a massage. In fact, I’ve gotten lucky on so many occasions that I can’t even recall them all.

Small Gifts

Women love getting gifts, even if they aren’t extravagant or anything of that nature. You don’t need to spend a shit ton of money on something either.

Literally, going out of your way to get something small such as flowers or coffee or something can really help up your chances of getting lucky.

Compliment Her Like Crazy

Spoiling girls don’t always require spending money. You can feed her honest compliments all day long and she’ll feel like a queen!

That injunction with opening doors and treating her like a special lady will help you get laid more.

These are all ways that you can spoil a girl that you’ve met online! I suggest surprising some Snapsext girls and seeing what happens. Chances are you’ll get in one of them!