How To Achieve Your Dating Goals


We’ve all got goals in life. Some of us want to be the president of the United States and then some of us just want to date the hottest girl possible. If you’ve got dating goals that you need help achieving, then I’m your motivational speaker! Think of me as Brad Pitt in Fight Club. I’m going to help you achieve everything that you desire. You’re going to achieve your dating goals whether they be Internet dating or local dating, it doesn’t matter one bit. They are achievable and here’s how…

achieve your dating goals

Tips To Achieve Your Dating Goals

Here are a few key components when it comes to achieving your dating goals.

Focus Small
Forget about those crazy super successful thoughts. You’re getting ahead of yourself and you will lose focus on the process if you focus too big. Instead, when it comes to successful dating, you want to do your best to try and focus on little things that lead to one giant win. For example, if you’re using an online dating site, don’t focus on getting laid this week. Instead, you should be focusing on starting a chat conversation with someone today. Just one conversation, not ten.

Be Consistent
The people that are most consistent are the most successful. That goes for dating, working out, closing sales and making money. If you’re not consistent then you’re not going to outshine those that are a sure thing. You’ve got to put in the work on a consistent basis if you want to achieve anything. The same goes for dating.

Raise The Stakes
Once you start to become more and more consistent, you’ll want to up the bidding a bit to get further ahead. What this does is it pushes you out of your comfort zone. Remember, no one has ever achieved any level of success just by hanging out in their comfort zone. You need to get out of that zone if you want to be successful and make gains!

Remind Yourself That You Can
I constantly remind myself that I can score smoking hot girls, that I can get them to have sexting conversations with me anytime I want and that I can fuck as many girls as I want any day of the week. We’ve got to constantly remind ourselves that we are capable of doing something. Why? Well, that’s simple. Because it gets us that much closer to achieving our goals. I apply this to so many aspects of my life. I wake up every single morning and tell myself that I’m going to get in shape and that I’m not going to skip the gym. I also tell myself that I’m going to meet someone hot at the gym and that it’s going to be my best workout. I tell myself a lot of things because it helps tremendously.