Jennifer Lawrence Talks ‘Hooking Up’ With Justin Bieber

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Photo Credit: Bravo

I know I don’t typically write about celebs and their desires to hook up with one another. I couldn’t pass up the chance to share this fun fact today though because I absolutely love Jennifer Lawrence! The sexy Hunger Games co-star wasn’t shy the other day when she was asked whether or not she would hook up with The Biebs. On a show with Andy Cohen, Justin Bieber previously played a game called “To Bae or Not to Bae” and according to Cosmopolitan, when he was presented with Jennifer Lawrence’s name he quickly admitted that she was a solid “Bae.” Now the only thing unknown was how Jennifer Lawrence felt about Justin. Well, we know exactly what she said and it’s certain that Jennifer Lawrence definitely would not hook up with Justin Bieber.

She was brutally honest and responded within seconds to the question without batting an eyelash. Turns out that the hot Hunger Games co-star admitted that she would not hook up with Justin Bieber. Actually, it wasn’t just a know, but a “hard no.” I’m not all that surprised given that she can basically get anyone that she wants and it doesn’t make sense that she settle for The Biebs.

I should also mention that she’s definitely not the only one that’s been put on the spot by Andy Cohen on Bravo TV. He loves asking questions like this and I can’t say I blame him really. Now, it’s only right for me to pose the question here, would you ever hook up with Jennifer Lawrence? I know without a doubt that I would definitely hook up with her if given the chance. I’ll probably never get the opportunity to actually make that happen but what I can do is search the Internet far and wide for a girl that looks like her and if I’m able to accomplish that and bang her then I’m good with that!