Master The Hookup Game In 2016


Mastering the hookup game is something that many may think is next to impossible. I’m here to tell you that it’s very achievable, so long as you are focused and ready to work towards winning. Here are a few tips that might help you master the hookup game in 2016.

the hookup game

Tips For Mastering The Hookup Game This Year

If you want to master the hookup game this new year then you’ve got to do a few things on a daily basis. These things are not difficult. However, they help and will make it possible for you to actually succeed this year. Heck, you may even get laid every single day in the new year. Trust me and keep reading below.

1) Do it daily.
The hookup game is no different than any other strategizing game. If you want to succeed, you’ve got to work at it every single day. This isn’t asking a lot either. In fact, it’s fairly easy to work at it. Just be sure to access the dating site that you’re using daily. Doing so shows the rest of the users that you are active and serious about hooking up.

2) Tweak your profile.
Most people make the mistake of setting up their profile and rarely updating it. This isn’t going to get you laid in this game. Instead, you must continuously update your profile and attempt to reach your profile peak. You’ll know when you do because you’ll begin receiving more messages and connecting with more women than you thought was possible. If you need help setting up your dating profile I can help you if you’d like. Before you ask my for help, read this post on getting started.

3) Find more places.
If you want to master the dating game, you need to have ammo. By ammo, I mean you need to have places to take your dates. I constantly am trying to work on finding new places to take potential sex partners. If you find yourself connecting with someone yet you have no place to take them on a date, you’re pretty much fucked and not in a good way. Being a master at the hookup game means knowing every single local place to go on a date and which are the best.

These three simple tips can help you master the game this year. It’s all about consistency and putting in real effort. Don’t half ass it this year!