How Avoid Online Dating Scams


Online dating scams have been known to occur from time to time on certain dating sites and they tend to take place on more matchmaking and long term relationship style sites versus the adult hook up sites that I prefer to use. Regardless of whether you’re using a casual dating site like Snapsext or a more serious site like eHarmony, you need to be aware of what to lookout for when it comes to any dating scam. Let me first start by saying that Snapsext is NOT A SCAM. IT WORKS 100%! You do not have anything to worry about on the site. But I feel more comfortable sharing this information with you.

online dating scams

Credit: WINK News November 9, 2015

Internet Dating Scams & How To Avoid Them!

A story aired on the local news channel the other day discussing this topic. WINK News did a piece on online dating scams and they invited Lee County Sherriff, Beth Schell to share some information on the topic. She shared a few great tips to help you avoid getting scammed. Here’s a quick rundown of each and my personal opinion as well. Be sure to watch out for each of these things…

Instant Messaging Off Site

instant messaging

Rule of thumb is, if someone is trying to get you to leave the dating site and speak with you offline using another instant messaging client or skye or some other chat that is not connected with the site, you want to steer clear from this here. Look out for people that want to do this. For the most part, if they are trying to get you off the site, they are hiding something they don’t want the site administrators to have information on. There’s really no need to leave the site at all. Especially when you can have a naked snap chat on the site itself, why even go elsewhere!

Look Out For Victims

im a victim

Pay close attention and careful watch to try and avoid people that attempt to display their lives as being the victim of something. In which case, they are likely looking for far more than just your sympathy. This should remind you of someone panhandling on the street. For the most part, they’re likely sharing a story with you via a sign or even verbally, yet they end the conversation asking for money or something from you. Unfortunately, you’ll find individuals on a number of dating sites doing the same, so watch out.

Be Leery of Commonalities

In the event that you come across something that says they’ve been through the same exact tragedies or trials/tribulations that you’ve gone through, I’d proceed with caution. That is unless it’s an activity of some sort that you can both enjoy doing together. Just don’t pay to make it happen. The reason I say this is because it’s very easy to find yourself in a situation where you relate to someone that you’ve never met in person yet you feel so connected with them that this obligation of helpfulness comes about. Don’t do it.

Avoid True Love Cries

run away

If someone that you’ve only spoken with on a few occasion starts confessing their love for you, I’d suggest you run! No, fuck that, sprint and don’t stop for anything at all! First of all, we use casual sex sites, so this should not be a problem at all. No one should be confessing their love to you. They should only be trying to have sex with you (which is completely warranted).

In summary, I’d like to state once again that never in the entire time using the site, have I ever encountered a Snapsext scam situation. This site is top notch and not one that you need to be worried about using. However, I know some of you use other sites and these principles should follow no matter what site.

Now go and get laid!!!!