Myths About Dating Someone Younger


Dating someone younger than you doesn’t have to be such a difficult task and it’s one of those things that typically encompasses a few myths. That being said, I want to share a few myths that you need to know before you start dating someone younger than you. Once you know these myths, you can then start to worry about getting laid and stop worrying about someones age.

dating myths

Age and Dating Myths

Here’s a few of the myths that you need to know exist…

dating myths

Younger People Are Totally Immature

One this you need to know is that younger people are not always immature. It’s a total myth and misconception that younger people are thought of as being immature. In fact, I’ve met some really mature college girls since I started using SnapSext and they’ve been some of the most exciting girls I’ve hooked up with. That said, younger people aren’t always immature and some are just looking to get laid just like you are.

Nothing In Common

Another myth when dating younger people is that you have absolutely nothing in common with them. This is definitely a myth for sure, especially for those that use dating sites and hook up apps. More often than not, everyone using a my recommended site has something in common….they all just want to have sex and they love sending sext messages to each other. I’m not sure why some people think that age similarity and commonality go hand in hand but they do not. Two individuals can be far from the same age and they can have the same things in common.

It’s About That Money

Most people think that younger people date older individuals for the money. Yes, under some arranged circumstances, there are individuals seeking arrangements for money. However, it’s a misconception and myth that that younger girls date older men for the money.

You Care What Others Think

Some believe that people don’t date others that are younger due to them caring about what other individuals think of them. Truth be told, most people give zero fucks about what others think in terms of their dating and relationships.

These are probably the most common myths when it comes to dating someone younger. Now, if you’re anything like me, then you love dating hot local girls in their 20’s and early 30’s. I probably spend more time trying as well successfully hoping up with girls I meet on Snapsext and you can too!