What Does ‘Catfished’ Mean And How To Avoid It


If you love using mobile applications or internet dating sites to find a someone to have sex with, you may have come across a few fake profiles. You won’t find them on my favorite dating website, that’s for sure. A fake profile on a dating site or social site might try to incorporate a ton of interests and other things in order to attract people and persuade them into contacting them. This type of persuasion is better known as catfishing.

catfished and how to avoid it

What Does Cat Fished Mean And Tips For Catching One

The rate of individuals that are “catfishing” has recently become very a popular activity on the internet. People use fake personas to attract other people in an attempt to take full advantage of them. It’s important that you know how to best identify when someone is trying to lure you into being catfished.

For example, one of the most popular places to catfish was once the video game MMORPG World Of Warcraft. A lot of male players used to create female characters in the game and started portraying them as females. This helped them to find other male players who would willingly help them get better at the game.

The same story can be applied to dating sites and even social media sites. If you find a profile of a woman with information that is too good to be true, you have probably landed on a profile that is set to catfish people. Avoiding catfished profiles is easy if you know the factors that make a profile fake. Here are some very popular factors that easily give away a fake profile.

They Have An Exhaustive List

If you end up on a profile that lists just about anything you can think about in their ‘interests’ section, then you can say it is a catfished profile. Catfishers will try to add as many interests as they can think about in their profile to attract a host of different people.

They Have A Very Good Profile Picture

If you come across a profile picture that looks like someone jumped off of the cover of a supermodel magazine or a Victoria’s secret cover shoot, be aware that this could be a fake profile. Many people use high quality images of women, edit them and upload the photos to portray them self as such in their profile pictures. They do this in order to attract men. If you can’t find more than one picture on a profile and that one picture looks too good to be true, you are probably on a fake profile.

They message You First

If someone messages you first and tries to be very friendly with you during the very first conversation, this person is trying to lure you. Check their profile immediately and see if the above factors are true. Sometimes people will try to get too friendly with you during the first conversation. If they do, they are trying to lure you.

Now, the good news is that any great dating site will have a team of people on their end that deletes all the fake profiles that people set up. While it can’t be avoided, it can be reduced.