Today’s Modern Casual Dating Rules For Singles


We’re moving into a more modern direction in terms of dating and hooking up with people. Things are changing, but some remain the same. I’m going to share some modern dating rules that apply today and that I think every single person should understand and know.

modern casual dating rules

Modern Dating Rules For Hooking Up -> Start Here!

Ask Her Out

This rule still applies. It’s common for a guy to ask a girl out today. The important thing to understand is that this also applies to online dating situations. Now that doesn’t mean that women shouldn’t ask guys out.

I’m just saying that it’s typical of a man to do the asking and it will continue to apply as such. If you’re using Snapsext, I suggest not asking a girl out on video. Instead, send her a message and let her know you’re interested in her before going full force into it.

Be Honest and Up Front

In the old days, if you wanted to hook up with someone and have a no-strings-attached date, it was often normal to avoid the take off going on a first date only, let alone hooking up.

That’s all changed though for the better. Modern dating means it’s acceptable to simply be honest about wanting to just fuck someone or hang out for some drinks and a BJ. It’s perfectly acceptable and one of the reasons I love modern dating!

You need to be 100% forward and let them know you’re only looking for fun. For example, let the casual milfs know you want sex and that’s it. Do not sugarcoat this stuff or make it more complex.

Call Before Your Date

We all love texting or better that I call it sexting. Heck, some of us even love a little video chat action I refer to as, snap sexting, instead of a basic text message.

The times are changing but when it comes to going out on an actual date, it turns out that women still prefer receiving a phone call versus anything else. If you’re trying to follow up with someone or make plans to hookup, pick up the phone before sending a text.

Friends Are Welcome

Today, it’s completely normal to introduce a date or potential sex partner to your friends. If anything, your friends will give you their opinion and it may further solidify the fact that they approve of your banging someone or they may save you from something you’ll likely regret. Either way, modern dating and friend introductions are completely acceptable.

Baggage Still Not Approved

If you’ve got too much baggage, the modern era wants nothing to do with that baggage. If this applies to you, I’d suggest checking your baggage at the door before you blow it for good.

Yes, people are far more acceptable today than they have ever been in terms of dating one another. However, that doesn’t mean they want all your baggage. Trust me on this. If you want to get laid today, keep the gossip and drama to a minimum.

Well, that about sums up everything. If you’re interested in finding a modern sex date then I’d suggest you starting searching some of the snapsext profiles to find someone in your local area now! Chances are, you’re gonna bang if you play your cards right!

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From Online Encounters To Casual Sex (How To Get There)


I’m a huge believer in meeting people online, chatting, and having sex with them. You might be too if you’re reading this post now. Well, if you have spent any amount of time on dating sites or on social media, you have had online encounters that might have failed. Maybe they didn’t go as well as you had hoped and the casual sex wasn’t in the cards. It helps to analyze what went wrong in these situations. Why? Well, so you can avoid doing things that are typically a turn-off for many women. I’m going to help you better understand how you can go from online encounter to casual sex just like that!

casual sex tips

How To Go From Initial Online Encounter To Casual Sex

Some guys think that the anonymous nature of online encounters allows them to switch off their filters and be as crass and sexual as they wish. If you approach enough women this way, a couple of them could possibly respond to this technique, but your chances aren’t very good. You don’t have to be a saint to increase your chances of hooking up online, but you should use some discretion. The goal is to be smooth and confident. These two characteristics along with some patience and charm will help you increase your chances and hook up with women that are closer to your ultimate idea of a casual encounter.

Social media can be a good place to find a sexual encounter, but the best place to find one is an online dating site. More specifically, a casual dating site. These sites allow you and your potential matches to avoid any confusion and state that you are only there for sex and not a relationship. If you are looking for a relationship, that is an entirely different and more complicated subject. You should carry yourself with confidence either way whether you are looking for something long term or just a one night stand. No matter what your intentions are, you should make them clear up front. Basically, if you’re looking for a relationship, you should concentrate more on getting to know the person and taking it extra slow. If you’re looking for a hookup, you should concentrate more on flirting and teasing and getting to know intimate details about them is secondary.

Another advantage of casual dating sites is that it’s more acceptable to be talking to multiple women at the same time. Some of them go no further than online flirting and chat sex, but others graduate into sexual encounters. That is likely where you want your encounter to lead, so the more women you are talking to, the higher your chances of your online encounters leading to sex. One thing you should be careful about is not getting your matches confused with one another. Even though you are both there for casual sex, it will be a turn off if a woman you are talking to realizes that you are talking to other women the same way you are with her. Keep the illusion of exclusivity and you will avoid complications that stem from jealousy or hurt feelings.

The more accepting your matches are to your advances, the more sexual you should become. If she is accepting of your increased flirting, tease her sexually both online and over the phone. This will build the anticipation and you will be much more likely to have a successful online hookup.  You must also be on the lookout for signs that she wants to screw you if you want to increase your chances of getting laid.