How To Breakup With Someone


Breaking up is part of life and we all go through it at least once at some point in our life. We also know that breakups can be really harsh on people if we are not careful. If you feel like moving on and you want to minimize the damage done to the other person, there are sensitive ways of breaking up.

If you want your ex to remember you in a neutral manner in the future, you will have to remain very careful when you decide to move on. Here are some tips that you can follow to minimize the damage of the breakup. I came up with this list when I broke up with my girlfriend for good and started using Snapsext instead. If you’re looking to breakup versus cheat on them then take the following into consideration.

how to breakup

How To BreakUp With Someone Without Looking Like An Asshole

Be Sensitive

If you don’t want to completely destroy the other person through a breakup, try to be more sensible and find the right moment and words to express your decision to separate. Come up with a very sensible reason to break up even if you don’t have one. This will minimize the damage of the breakup especially if your girlfriend is sensitive. Try to calm her down before you tell her about it.

Decide A Place

When you want to breakup, there are certain rules you must follow. First of all, decide the time and place of where you will announce the breakup. It’s better if you break up in a peaceful and calm place where she won’t feel pressured.

Never breakup in a restaurant or a crowded place because that is already a lot of pressure. Also, avoid breaking up in small places like inside your apartment or house. The best place to breakup is in a neutral spot in your neighborhood or even on a quad if you’re in college.

Don’t Do It Online

Breaking up online sounds very easy because you will not have to face the other person. But breaking up online can easily get into a hate debate and will leave a lot of scars. Always do it in person and leave at least some sort of positive memory in her mind.

Don’t Get Angry. Don’t Argue

You have decided to breakup and you know that the person that you’re breaking up with is going to be very emotional when you announce the news. Chances are she’s going to get really angry and will argue with you. She may even start crying on the spot. Your job is to stay as calm as possible and don’t lose your cool. This way everything will end smoothly eventually.

Remember, your end all objective is to simply get over this hump so you can move on to things like fucking girls you meet on dating sites. You won’t have to worry about any of this stuff as soon as you’re broken up. Just do your part so everyone can move on and enjoy life! I urge you to breakup with someone if you see any relationship red flags that might be present. It’s not worth the fucking headache. It’s much easier dating random people.