Sending Nude Pics Can Help Any Relationship


I typically advise against sending nude pics until you’ve established a nice connection with someone. That doesn’t mean that I think you shouldn’t send them at all! In fact, sending nude selfies to someone just might be what your relationship needs. The old days of not sharing or showing the goods before giving it up are over. We live in a world where it’s acceptable to send and receive images of a hot local girl inserting a dildo inside of her. It’s just the way things are today. That said, I’m not mad about it at all!

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Nude Pics and Sext Messages Are Great For Couples

I’m not pulling this information out of my ass. I know you probably think that but I’m here to tell you otherwise. I don’t have time to fabricate some bullshit story. All I have time for is facts and this is a fact! According to an article that was published in CNN, a study was conducted on sending nude pics and sext messages in order to keep a relationship exciting. What they determined will shock you.

Drexel University did a survey which included over 800 people. They asked whether or not any of them at sent a sext message to someone. The individuals were between the ages or 18 and 82. Guess what, 88% of the people said they had sent a sext message before with 82% sending it within the last year.

They study revealed that people who sent sext messages were happier than those that did not! If you’re using a dating app like Snapsext or Tinder and you are not sending sext messages then you are literally doing an injustice to your happiness and sex life as a whole.

One thing I can say is that I’ve personally been in a better mood and feel happier than ever before now that I consistently am talking with girls I meet online. Sure, there’s an art to all of this but it’s not impossible to master that art. In fact, having put in lots of work up front on my go-to dating site, I now have an opportunity to send and receive┬ánude pics all day long. I could stop communicating with any new members for a year and I’d still have an overabundance of connections that I’ve made over the years.

It’s a great feeling and position to be in. Now, that being said, I would never do that because I just like getting new pussy far too much. However, it’s nice to know that my level of enjoyment will continue to remain as is assuming that I’m still using Snapsext and I’m able to chat via sexting with some horny locals I know.

Oh, one thing I should mention, there’s an art to this nude picture taking. You better not try and snap a pic that puts you in a bad spot. I’ve seen some people send terrible nude pics and it’s ruined their chances of getting laid right then and there. Instead, educate yourself on how to take the perfect selfie before you attempt to do it naked!