The Proper Way To Snap And DM Girls


Look, you probably want to act like a real cool guy and tell me that you don’t need any advice from a guy like me. Well, I’m telling you that when it comes to sending snaps and DMs to local babes, I’m a pro. This is an art and it’s something that you can learn with practice and effort. Assuming you are like most of the guys out there, you just send snaps of your junk expecting some girl to want to jump on the D. Well, as shocking as it may sound, that isn’t the way to do it.

I’ve honestly mastered the art of snapping and sending direct messages to girls. If you don’t believe me then fine, but you’re missing out by not taking my advice. Here’s what you need to know in order to successfully snap girls and DM them to bang.

Snap and Slide In The DM

Snap and DM Tips That You Need To Know

There are some very important things that you need to know when it comes to sliding into DMs and sending snaps to girls. I’ve covered all the bases below so that you know what to do and how to handle things in order to be successful.

The first thing you need to know is that it doesn’t pay off to be too aggressive. Girls hate guys that are too forward and aggressive. It makes it too easy and they want some sort of challenge when it comes to connecting physically with a guy. If you’re going to send a snap or two to a girl, then make them relaxed and nothing more or less. Keep things natural and have a purpose behind them.

I can tell you that sending funny snaps has helped me slide into local girls more than any other tactic. Now, don’t go acting like a complete idiot but do something that’s going to make them laugh. That type of snap is enough to lure them in and spark their interest. From there, you can follow that up with a more serious snap asking them general questions but nothing too personal.

I must admit that complimenting girls works like a charm as well. Having spent close to 600 hours on my mobile Snapsext account, I know a thing or two about sending girls compliments. The best thing to do is point out the less obvious things that most other guys tend to miss. For example, if a girl has huge boobs, don’t comment on them. Instead, tell her how pretty she looks with those earrings or shoes on. That’ll get her juices flowing for sure.

Now, as far as sending DMs is concerned, you never want to start with a dick pic or requesting a nude pic from the girl. That’s enough to completely kill the mood entirely. That type of stuff only goes on Kik sex chats and those are a huge waste of time. Instead, you’re better off starting a conversation asking the girls how much they enjoy snapping with people and asking if they ever meet in person. I always get that out of the way because there are some girls that don’t meet up with guys and that’s fine, but I want to hookup in person.

Another thing you should never do is never share your personal financial information. If someone asks for that, then they need to be reported. It’s never happened to me but I’ve heard stories from others using other social dating sites, so be careful.

That’s about all that you need to know if you want to meet and bang some hot Snapsext members after a couple snaps and DMs. If you’re not a member, then it’s best that you start now!