Kikfriender Username Aggregator Scams Everyone!

There are so many reasons why Kikfriender isn’t your friend. I know your objective given that you’re reading this and it’s no secret at all. You want to find someone locally to have sex with. Don’t we all! The good news is that you’re going to eventually be able to find someone to hook up with. The bad news is that it won’t be without a few mistakes and slip-ups along the way. You need to do your best to avoid adult dating sites that simply scam the end user.

Unfortunately, that happens all too often today. Before kicking things off with why Kikfriender is a bad idea, I want to share some news with you. You’ll be happy to learn that the site I’ve praised on the main page of this site works. In fact, it’s the absolute best. So when you start to feel that nothing is working at all, I want you to sit back and simply revisit that page to read my story.

Now, time for me to destroy KikFriender in this review which I’ve taken the time to write after my full investigation.

kikfriender app

A Few Reasons Why The Kikfriender App and Site Is Awful

I’ll dive right into things here versus holding back. Afterall, there’s no reason for me to hold back. In fact, holding back may end up costing you money, so here’s what you need to know…

You may get to see naked pictures by using Kik Friender, but it’s going to come at a cost that you wouldn’t have to pay on any real pic sites on the Internet.

First and foremost, the women that you’ll be talking to won’t actually be women. They’ll be men from all over the world who get paid to trick people into downloading games.

These games may be good, and they may be bad. But, you can rest assured that they’re rife with data mining software that will follow you to the ends of the Earth if you make the mistake of installing it on your phone.

If the data mining doesn’t scare you, this will…

The way that the scam works is simple and only takes a few minutes to set up. These men have gotten themselves somewhere around a few dozen nude images of a woman from a porn website. It’s usually amateur porn so they aren’t easily recognized. After they’ve uploaded them to their accounts and set up a profile picture with each of them, they get themselves right onto Kikfriender. They then start advertising themselves to other guys who just want to see a pair of Juggs before they head to bed for the night. That’s the process and it’s a scummy one I might add.

Here’s the kicker…

In order to see what the other person has, you’ll get a text from them that will send you to a different website entirely. Here, you’ll be told that in order to get access to the folder in question, you’ll have to download a game for some reason. It’s never really specified as to why, but it’s necessary to move on.

After going this far, most people are going to give it a shot and they’ll finally be rewarded with all of the nudity that they ever wanted from this person. They may try to contact the girl again, but chances are that they’ll never hear back. The reason for this is simple: they were never talking to the girl that they thought they were. They were talking to someone posing as her the entire time.

Why do guys do this…

This is almost as bad as sites like this one that use online cupids and fantasy profiles to entice user engagement. It’s disgusting, to say the least!

Their main goal was to get you to download that game and now that you’ve done that, they’ve gotten what they wanted in the form of payment from the game’s publisher.

The more people they get to download it, the more they make and they don’t care how it’s done. Results are results and that’s really all that matters when your paycheck is on the line.

It’s clear that you must avoid Kikfriender for good…

The best way to deal with an app like is to just never use it. It’s open to everyone and that always means that it will be taken over by scammers at some point.

No one ever wants to feel like they were scammed, but there are so many opportunities for it here that it’s practically a given that it will happen to you.

The chances of actually talking to a girl who wants to show herself to someone she’s never met are extremely low, to the point of almost being nonexistent.

You’re simply not going to be finding what you want here. That’s the nature of the beast. As long as there are Kik users, there will be sites like this scamming the end-user for days.

Conclusion: Kik Friender Is Very Bad

Look, the bottom line is quite clear. If you’re seriously considering using Kik Friender to try and meet someone for sex, you’ll undoubtedly regret you ever thought of it. The trouble and possibly legal trouble and scam nonsense that comes along with using this is just not worth the trouble.