HiSlut Review: No Sluts, Just Credit Card Scams…

Hi, if you’re reading this review, then you most likely love sluts. Guess what, so do I! Here’s what you need to know about the HiSlut.com website, the partner site it works with, and why it’s a bad site and one to avoid indefinitely.

HiSlut.com Reviews

Complete Review of HiSlut.com Website

Like a bevy of scam sites that are all over the web, hislut.com doesn’t take long before it reveals itself as a fraud. It uses a similar tactic to most scam sites, which is to resemble a legit and popular site as much as possible.

Not only that but they are tied to an infamous scam site, called adulthookup.com, not to be confused with LocalHookup.com. Like other scam sites, hislut.com is just designed to funnel you into the real scam site. They simply get a commission when they get people sent over to adulthookup.com.

They go through all this trouble because they want to lull you into a false sense of security. This site is actually one of the better-designed scam sites around, which makes it all the more dangerous to the unsuspecting consumer.

Regardless of the design of the scam, the end goal is always the same. They want to lure you into giving over your credit card information so that they can get their hands into your pockets. This site even goes as far as making you take a questionnaire so that you believe they are really trying to help you. All of this is an elaborate ploy to scam you out of your money.

This Site Has Nothing To Offer of Value

This site only exists to funnel you to adulthookup.com, and that site is a well-known scam site. You will quickly realize that the reason this process exists is that it works. When you get to adulthookup.com, you will encounter a variety of typical dating site scams. The second you sign up for an account, your inbox will be bombarded with messages from all types of girls, pretending to be real.

This might grab your interest and once you try to respond, you will be hit with a prompt to update your membership to a paid fee. As you can imagine, this is only the tip of the iceberg. The fact that you are immediately hit with messages once you sign up should be the first major red flag. You will receive messages before you even have the chance to put up a picture or set up your profile information. This is a dead giveaway that all of the accounts reaching out to you are bots. There are no real girls here.

Ways To Spell HiSlut

Consumers are searching for this brand all wrong. These are some of the ridiculous ways that people are spelling HiSlut.com incorrectly. You need to know this if you’re searching for info on the website.


Conclusion: Stolen Erotic Pictures & Explicit Content Fills Both Sites

Both sites have ripped the images you see from across the internet as a way to convince you they have an actual community. You only have to do some basic research on the site to see a variety of people complaining about being scammed. You have to understand that this site wants to keep you on the site for as long as possible. So even when it’s just bots contacting you, once they lure you in they get a real employee to maintain a relationship with you.

They call these accounts Online Emissaries, and they make you agree to the use of these accounts from the beginning. This way you cannot claim that you were defrauded after the fact. Whenever you see these types of red flags you should head far away.

There’s nothing this place can give you except a headache and an empty bank account. They make their money scamming innocent people, not match-making anyone. These people are dedicated to maintaining long elaborate cons and will do anything to keep taking your money. It’s best to avoid dating sites like this at all costs.

Then What Should You Use?

Well, there are LOTS of adult content sites and sex dating options out there to consider, but the best site I would recommend is just the site I cover on the homepage. I love this network and I think you’ll enjoy the results of using this site – no doubt about it. Just be sure to avoid the Hislut.com site.