Garlic Scent Makes You More Attractive


Most people think that some things simply turn off women without a doubt. Well, I’m hear to fight that misconception today and I’m doing it with garlic! Can having a garlic odor really make you more attractive? Find out!

smell more attractive

According to a recent study, personal body odor is one characteristic that impacts your level of attractiveness. Strangely enough, the study that was published by Appetite, states that eating garlic can make us more attractive.

Now, that being said, I’m not recommending that you create your garlic necklace as if you’re about to fight the vampire apocalypse. All I’m saying is that it doesn’t hurt to consume a little bit of garlic from time to time. I’d personally suggest eating a meal a week that contains natural garlic. Something that’s really tasty too. You might as well enjoy the dish you’re going to consume so have at it!

Again, please note that I’m not telling you to eat at Nuovo Vesuvio every night with the rest of the Sopranos crew. But don’t be afraid to indulge in some garlic-based dishes. It only makes you more attractive.


Now if you want to be extra efficient, you can plan to take one of the girls you meet online to a restaurant that serves dishes with garlic in them. I typically take this approach if the girl is really sexy and somewhat upscale looking. I then know that it’s important that i put forth the extra effort and take her out for a nice dinner. I don’t do this for all my sex dates but for some I do go the extra mile. When I do, you know I really want to bang them!