Backpage Sucks So Bad It Got Shutdown (Reasons Below)


If you come to me and ask for advice on hiring escorts, I’m going to just laugh right in your face. I know you think otherwise given my piece on Snapchat escort Jenna Shea, but she’s an exception to the rule. If you’re looking for help and advice in that department, then you are asking the wrong guy.

I know a lot of consumers that turn to Backpage to get their fix and I am completely against that. In fact, I’m so against it that I’m willing to share everything that I learned about the site and why Backpage sucks beyond belief.

You can’t turn on the news channel without hearing some negative story about and it’s time that I shed some light on this topic and explain why all people should avoid it at all costs.

I’d like to also mention that recently got seized by the Feds and this is probably a good thing for all parties involved if you ask me. I’ll get further into that, but first, let me explain why I suggest not using this site. escorts

Reasons Backpage Dating Personals Suck

Here are all the reasons why I personally feel that sucks and why it got shut down.

#1 Nothing But Issues – If you’ve ever stubbornly attempted to use an escort website, then you know that many of them are mismanaged and have issues. Not only privacy issues but legal issues as well. In fact, there are ads that get taken down on a daily basis because they display content of people that are completely different from those posting the ads. This is false advertising, impersonation, and something you want no involvement with at all.

#2 STDs Everywhere – If I had to guess, I’d be willing to bet that just about every single escort posting on Backpage has or has had some form of and sexually transmitted disease. Think about it, these girls parade themselves around and sleep with hundreds of guys weekly. How can they not have something, even worse, they may have AIDs. Who knows, but your chances of getting something increase dramatically here!

#3 Sting Operations – Did you know that local law enforcement agencies use Backpage to set up escort busts? Chances are you will not meet a Snapchat escort, but a cop instead.  No lie, they 100% do this and use it to their advantage. If you end up in a room with one of these girls undercover, then you’re eventually going to get arrested. That’s how that works. Want to keep your record clean? Then don’t hire girls to have sex with you, period.

#4 Drug Addictions – You’ll only come across crackheads, dope addicts, meth heads, and coke whores on this site. None of these girls are turning tricks for anything other than drugs, I can guarantee you that. So, unless you’re a junkie yourself, then I suggest you stay far away.

#5 Trafficking – This site has been linked to trafficking and there’s perhaps no worse offense in this world than that. Trading people for sex is something that is totally illegal and selling them is immoral, illegal and it needs to be stopped. Some of these women may be doing this not on their own accord. You need to think about that.

Now, if you’re simply looking to meet local girls that want to Snapchat, have sex, and just have a good old-fashioned time without any exchange of money, then you need to start using one network here before all others – this one here.