How To Avoid Getting Sick While Being Sexually Active

Are you sexually active today? Do you protect yourself and treat your body as a trophy or are you completely careless when it comes to taking care of yourself?

Answering those two questions is crucial to determining whether or not you’re doing a great job of caring for yourself. I’m actively dating and trying to hook up with as many people as possible so I care deeply about my mind, body, and self-esteem. If you’re not in the zone like me, then it’s time for you to get there.

If not, you will get sick.

While I can’t guarantee that you will, I can certainly guarantee that you’re chances of contracting something and coming down with a cold, flu, or something permanent is certainly high. Here’s what you need to know if you want to stay clean and free from any sickness.

avoid getting sick

Avoid Getting Sick While Having Lots Of Sex – Here’s How #Tips

Being sexually active can be a very scary thing. You always have to have the prospect of getting sick in the back of your mind. It can seem like it’s next to impossible to avoid it. The situation doesn’t have to be that dire, though. You can avoid it all by taking a common sense approach to your casual relationships. You can have a fulfilling sex life while keeping yourself safe and healthy. All it takes is doing the things that you learned about in sex ed class. It’s really that simple.

This whole system that I have is easy to remember and it’s something I refer to as KUKS. Kind of like a K.I.S.S. type thing. You’ll get it, just keep reading.

Know Who You’re Banging

you best know

Everyone loves the idea of heading out and having sex with someone new. It’s what gets a lot of us out of bed in the morning. It’s why I use the network that I do. The problem is that you never know if the other person is carrying something.

It’s something that you should always spend some time thinking about. While there’s no surefire way of knowing what’s going on, you can still approach the topic. Make sure you spend some time talking to the person.

It’s NOT unreasonable to bring it up.

Ask them how often they get tested for STDs. The chances are high that they’ll tell you and ask for the same information from you.

Use A Condom

Use condoms

This one should really go without saying. You always want to use a condom with new sex partners. That holds especially true when having casual sex with strangers or people you really don’t know. It’s the best thing that you can do to keep yourself safe.

There are tons of options that didn’t exist even a few years ago. Modern condoms can almost feel like they don’t exist. These are the ones that you want to go for.

Worried about missing out on pleasure?

You’ll still be able to have a pleasurable experience with them. Not having to worry about getting sick is a great way to keep yourself “in the moment.” Getting out of the moment will screw lots of things up, so stay focused.

Keep It Simple

Keep it simple

It’s really that easy. You have to know that you’re taking risks when you have casual sex. It’s just the way that it is. No measure is going to be 100% effective.

Keeping it simple and effective all starts with knowing the risks involved with have sex and making your good decisions from there. Try to talk to the other person and find out their views on the subject. It will at least relax your mind before you get into the fun part.

Try to stay as safe as you possibly can and use protection. It’s the best thing that you can do for yourself and your health.

Shower Often

guy taking a shower

It’s not going to keep you from getting an STD but it will keep you clean. Showering can help you avoid getting bacterial infections. You want to keep your junk as clean as you possibly can.

Shower at the first possible chance after you have sex. Forget about whether or not the person is offended because you jump in the shower to cleanse. It’s your body, not their body, remember that.

Doing so will wash away any kind of yeast or bacteria that can attach itself to your skin. It’s a small measure but it will keep you from dealing with bigger problems. They tend to grow so don’t skip the showering. It’s as important to you as your health, if not more.


Well, there you have it. That’s the K.U.K.S. way of preventing or minimizing the chances of getting sick without eliminating sex from your lifestyle. Your lifestyle doesn’t necessarily have to change. You’ve just got to make better choices and adopt clean habits –that’s all.

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