MyHotBook Scam Revealed

Today I’m sharing with you my thoughts and experiences covering If you’re not heard of it, then you better pay damn close attention. For one reason or another, this site seems to be a big scam and scummy site. is covered below and I think you’ll be glad that you read this once you’ve done so.

Myhotbook Review

MyHotBook Review

The days of the old way of using dating sites are over. It’s no longer a matter of simply sending off a message and hoping that you hear back from someone. You never actually know if they get your message or not.

Now you can talk to people in real-time and face to face. More and more dating sites are letting you use your webcam to talk to other people on the site. It makes it easier to get in contact with them and you can see them as they really are.

You don’t have to rely on pictures that could be much older than they seem. It’s also the case that scam sites are using webcams to trick you out of your money. That’s exactly what’s happening with MyHotBook. It was never meant to be a dating site for a single second.

You’ll Get Tons Of Requests

All you really have to do to see that this site is a scam is sign up as a free user. That’s it. You don’t even have to enter any of your information. What’s going to happen is that you’ll start getting messages right away.

On top of that, you’ll also start getting invitations to talk to girls on their cams. You’ll even be able to see them. It will look like they’re trying to talk to you. The problem is that it isn’t real at all. There’s no live girl on the other side of the cam. Just watch it and you’ll see what happens.

The video will eventually end and just loop itself. The text will do the same. That’s because it’s only there to trick you into upgrading your account and give them money in exchange for nothing at all.

Check Out The Pictures on

If you need more evidence, just check out the profile pictures from the girls who are sending you the messages. You can pick any one that you want and run a reverse image search on them.

You’ll get the same result for pretty much any picture on the site. You’re going to find it on web sites all over the internet.

That’s because it’s just a stock photo that this site purchased and put up on a profile that it created. It then used that profile to send you fake webcam chats to get you to upgrade your account.

Conclusion: MyHotBook Is A Cold Scam

This site is just a scam like all of the other scam sites on the internet. There are a lot of them. They come is all shapes and sizes. Some just send you fake messages.

This one sends you fake cam feeds. The end result is always the same. You end up paying for access to a site with no real people on it. That’s always the main goal of what’s going on with these sites. Just lookout for the warning signs before you pay for your access. Simple as that really!

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