HitWe Review

HitWe.com isn’t anything like the SnapSext.com website that I use now. Nope, not even close. The HitWe site sucks big time and it’s one of those sites that just want your money. If you take just five minutes to read this review, you’ll soon know why I absolutely cannot recommend using this. It’s really, really bad and a waste of your time. Not only that, you will not get laid using this I can guarantee that for sure!


HitWe Will Take All Your Money

Some dating sites offer more features than others. You can find some sites that just give you an inbox and let you browse through the other people. Other sites let you see who’s looking at you, who’s close by, and even who’s most likely to respond to you when you message them.

That doesn’t mean that every site has a reason to give you these features. There are plenty of sites out there that claim to give you tons of ways to talk to people, only to have no actual people on the site. That’s what you can find on HitWe.com.

This is a dating site that seems to give you plenty of ways to talk to people. The problem is that none of them are real. All of the profiles are fake and you’ll never talk to anyone, whether the site says they’re in your area or not.

Fake Photos Get You Interested

All you have to do to see what’s going on is to check out the profile pictures. You’re going to be getting tons of messages as soon as you sign up. That means you’ll have plenty to choose from. Just pick one of the profiles that have been sending you messages and go for the picture.

What you want to do is run a reverse image search on it. It won’t cost you anything. You can do it right through Google if you want. They have plenty of instructions on how you can do it.

What you’re going to see is that the pictures you see are posted on dating sites all over the internet. That’s because they’re just model pictures. They were purchased by all of the sites where you find them and put up on fake profiles to send you fake messages.

You Get Tricked Into Responding

The reason for doing this is always the same. You get fake messages sent to you just so you think that you should respond to them.

You get so many messages that it seems like your only option is to talk to these people. They just want to have some fun with you.

That’s when you get hit with the real scam. If you want to respond, you’ll have to upgrade your account. That’s going to cost you money. That’s how the site operates. It tricks you into paying to send messages to fake profiles.

Conclusion: HitWe.com Is A Waste Of Time And Money

No one should give HitWe.com any attention at all. It’s just a scam site. It only exists to trick you into upgrading your account. That’s all that it’s after. Stay the hell away from this site. It’s no good for you – end of story!

There are nothing but fake profiles to be found here. You’ll never talk to a single real person on this site. It’s just a giant waste of time and money.

There are other sites out there that can actually get you in touch with real people. Give those sites your attention instead of this one.