Craigshookup Review

I’m a huge fan of connecting with people and sometimes I’m able to do so, whiles other times I get scammed. During my typical scanning on dating networks, I came across one called Craigshookup. The first thing you need to know is that I definitely do not advise that one use this site. It seems free but it’s not. Here’s everything that you need to know about this classifieds dating site.

craigshookup dating scam

Craigshookup Site Gets Exposed For All

Craigshookup is not only a massively expensive site with nothing to offer, it will also take up way too much of your time. That holds true when setting up your profile as well. When you try to create a profile, you’re first going to have to deal with redirects.

WTF are redirects? ~ They’re instances when you’re sent away from one site to another one.

They bring you to two other sites that will try to scam you just as hard as Craigshookup does. If you get past that, you’re going to have to fill out a ridiculous questionnaire that’s such a waste of time.

But what else? Well, they’ll try to entice you with the idea that you can get anything that you want here on the dating site. The site explains that your whole experience will be so naughty that you’ll never want to tell anyone about it. I can tell you right now that what they say is a complete lie.

It’s not worth the effort at all and once you see what’s in store for you on the actual site, you’re going to be pretty upset about it. There’s nothing about this place that’s any good, and they only exist to try and take your money from you. If they had something to offer at Craigshookup in return it would be one thing, but they certainly don’t.

The two sites that they try to redirect you to will be even more intense in their efforts to scam you out of cash. You’ll get nothing but spam from them. The sites make it seem like there are tons of people within the networks who want to hook up with you. However, not a single one of them is ever real.

The action is all generated by the site and by bots to make you think that they have something to offer you. There’s hardly a single real person who uses the place and it’s all a huge waste of time.

If you’re unlucky enough to make your way into the free profile section of the site, you’re going to be hit by scam after scam the entire time that you’re using it. You’re more likely to find yourself on the receiving end of a scam than anything else.

There’s just nothing good about Craigshookup. No matter how many different ways you look at this, you’re never going to find anything that you actually want from it.

The people/company that runs Craigshookup have no interest in running a real site. They simply want to try to trick you into spending money on their partner sites as well as their own. They’ll constantly try to convince you to upgrade your account and that will only lead to you opening yourself up to even more ridiculous scams.


If you’re trying to connect with people to snap and eventually meet for sex then you’re not going to do it here. So sorry, but you’ve gotta try another site to accomplish that. Here’s a suggestion, is to try snap sext out.

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