Why I Love Swedish Girls


I’ve been a huge fan of Swedish girls for most of my life. There are literally thousands of things that I could tell you about them and why their so absolutely stunning. Rather than sit here and write for a year on this one topic, I’m going to share the main reasons only. Real quick, if you’ve never been with a Swedish girl then you do not know what you are missing! The first thing you need to do is try and meet one using this site. If not, you’re not putting forth best efforts.

I love swedish girls

Main Reasons I Love Swedish Girls

Here are some of the main reasons why I truly love dating Swedish girls. After you read this, you’ll want to date them as well.

They Look Flawless

Honestly, most Swedish girls are literally the most flawless looking women I’ve ever met in my entire lifetime. The majority of them are gorgeous. Sure some are blonde, blue eyes, tall, and stunning. Others are perhapsĀ brunette, short, huge tits, big booty and lovely as can be. My point is that they are all sexually appealing and most present themselves in a manner that makes them look absolutely flawless. Most of the Swedish girls I know aren’t supermodels but they are just as sexy as them if not sexier.

Perfect Attitude

Swedish girls have amazing attitudes. They present themselves as being shy and very caring. I absolutely love that about them. The girls from Sweden are pretty easy to approach and they seem to always be willing to connect with you online. None of the girls that have met are prudes either. By that, I mean that many of them are up for anything when it comes to sex and connecting sexually.


These girls are extremely sexual once they start going. Since Swedish girls value family life, you’ll need to let the girls know that you meet online that you’re only looking for a casual sex relationship. Once they know that then you’re likely going to have no problem fucking them. However, I need, to be honest with you. Lots of Swedish women have sexually transmitted diseases (based on the research I did) and you need to be careful dating them. Just wear a condom and you’ll be completely fine.

Very Approachable

Whether you’re out in public, on a group chat forum, or at a gym, connecting with Swedish girls is simply due to them being very approachable. In fact, they might be the easiest girls I’ve ever approached in my life. They seem to love flirting with men and it should come as no surprise that they will fuck you if you play your cards right. My advice is to come up with an excuse to connect with them. If you’re using a sex app then you’ll have better luck. If not, you need to find a reason to approach the hot Swedish girl nearby.

These are all the main reasons why I absolutely love these Swedish women. In fact, I’ve had sex with about 15 this year already. They are absolutely stunning and I think you’re missing out in life without ever hooking up with one of them!