When To Say No To Your Crazy Ex Girlfriend


Sometimes a crazy ex girlfriend can come back into your life without you realizing why. Sometimes she just wants to have sex with you and other times she may want to get back together with you. I’m here to tell you when you need to say no to your ex girlfriend. There are certain times when it’s okay to say no and when it may even be for the better.

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Times When You Should Say No To Crazy Ex Girlfriend

Here are a few to name those that are most important. Don’t take this lightly at all.

When She’s Not Single

If your ex girlfriend isn’t single then it’s probably best that you say no to her. The reason I suggest this is because there are so many girls out there online looking for dick that you don’t need to waste time getting into any drama that you previously had.

If She Cheated

If an ex girlfriend cheated on your and she wants to get back together, I’m telling you to run for the fucking hills fast! You’re better off being single and playing the field for quite some time versus worrying about if she’s going to cheat one more time.

If Sex Wasn’t Great

Unless your ex girlfriend could fuck you better than anyone you’ve ever met, then I suggest you say no to her. Okay, sex isn’t worth the mindfuck that you’re going to get after sleeping with an old flame you cared deeply about. Especially if it wasn’t the best sex on earth. You had a break up for a reason. Maybe she sucked in bed.

If She Talked Shit

If you broke up with a girl and she talked shit about you then absolutely do not think for a second about fucking the girl again. I’m telling you that she will talk shit once again, I know it.

If You Fought A Lot

In the event that you and your ex girlfriend fought quite a bit then I would recommend steering clear of her. I have to say that you should steer clear and say no because she’s going to cause more fights eventually. It’s a guarantee.

These reasons alone should be enough for you to want to say no to an ex girlfriend and instead try and meet someone on a new sex dating site. I never fuck around with old girls anymore. It’s not worth the hassle or time. There’s too much pussy out there to do so.