Hook Up Tips That Help Fat Guys Get Laid


Are you in the overweight category? My guess is that you’re likely overweight given that most people living in the United States are severely overweight. Anyway, if you’re a fat guy and you’re struggling to hookup, then you’ll want to read this. I’ve come up with a list of hookup tips just for the large and in charge men struggling to connect and smash with locals.

These tips will undoubtedly help you hook up and you’ll do so without having to hire an escort or do something foolish like have sex with some crackhead on the side of the street.

As I said, they will without a doubt help you get laid more frequently. If you’ve got any style and grace about yourself, then you will prosper, mark my words, my friend.

Tips For Fat Guys

Important Tips For Fat Dudes Trying To Bang Girls

Let it be known that these tips are not being presented in any particular order. However, it’s probably important that you take action on each and every one of them in order to maximize your chances. Here goes nothing…

fat guy getting a lap dance

Whispering Eye Tongue Expert

Look, bro, if you’re fat, chunky, or just not sporting that six pack but you can use your tongue better than most, then you’re going to win every damn time.

I’m talking about eating girls out. If you know how to practice cunnilingus like a master, then girls will keep coming back for seconds. They know just how good you are with your tongue and it makes a huge difference in the sex.

Let Them Navigate

If you want to both impress and please a girl and you’re a fatty, then it’s best to let them take full control of things. Instead of trying to pile drive this girl and potentially sprain her neck and back, it’s best to just let her drive the ship. What’ll happen is she will be happy sexually satisfied because she knows what she’s driving at.

I’m no longer fat, but when I was, I gave the woman full control. They like that in charge feeling and sometimes it makes the sex absolutely incredible.

Fat Dad Card

Assuming that you know about the girl you’re trying to bang and you know that her dad is fat or perhaps her brother is overweight, you’ll be happy to hear that it might help you. This is when I suggesting pulling out the fat dad card. What is it? Well, it’s a soft spot that this girl might have for chubby men.

Some women love fat guys just because they remind them of their fathers, brothers and other people they look up to. Best bet is to attempt to connect with girls with fat family members before trying to hook up with the ninja warrior family.

Donate Your Shirts To Her

If you’re the big guy with oversized shirts, then be sure to allow whatever girl that comes your way to wear one and keep it. For some strange reason, they love the comforting feeling of wearing a guys oversized tee shirt.

It makes them feel comfortable and secure. Be sure to stalk up on some oversized plain white tees and let her take it or wear it home, she’ll love you for that.

Exploit Your Humor

Some big guys are naturally funny men. Others act funny just to make them feel more comfortable. That’s not why you should be playing the funny card. Instead, be sure to act funny because women like strong, funny men and your humor just might help you hook up tonight.

She’ll look past that fat and see the funny guy that makes her laugh. Eventually, you’ll end up having sex with her, trust me!

Fat Guy dating tips


Fat guys can get laid just as much if not more than guys of average weight. It’s a misconception that they are completely out of luck and up shits creek when it comes to hooking up. If you do as I’ve suggested, I can almost guarantee that you will 100% get laid more frequently and all without having to go on a strict diet! Good luck and enjoy those chicken wings! Just don’t order them on your first date.