How To Get Girls That Like Bad Boys


Newsflash, many girls out there like bad boys. They aren’t impossible to hook up with either. Many girls out there simply crave a guy that’s a badass or the bad boy mentality. It’s just what they do really and if you’re not one, it can be tough to get those girls.

If you are a nice guy that treats girls with respect, you have probably been through an experience at least once in your life where you liked a girl who ended up going for a guy who did not respect her at all. He acted like a total asshole and you he still won or came out on top. This is hard to accept for a guy who makes an effort to be nice. It can often make you feel like maybe you should start acting like an asshole. This is not the answer because you don’t want to compromise who you are just to become an asshole who gets a few more girls. I’ve been known to act like a badass from time to time and I’m going to tell you what I suggest if you want to get a girl that likes to go after the bad boy!

Tips For Getting Girls That Like Bad Boys

Tips For Getting Girls That Like Bad Boys

The first thing you need to understand is that girls using sex dating sites like often need bad boys. They crave that daring adventure and that’s part of the reason why they use these hookup sites. However, that’s literally just the beginning of it all. It’s much deeper than that. Read this and find out what else you need to know!

It’s a Confidence Thing

One of the main things that you need to understand is that girls don’t necessarily like assholes because they act like assholes. They like them because they have confidence and confidence is a major factor in attracting a girl. That’s part of the reason why I say being in shape is so damn important. If you don’t think you’re good enough for her, it will show in the way you carry yourself and it will cause her to lose respect for you. Most girls want a guy who’s strong and sure of himself. She doesn’t want to sleep with a guy who agrees with everything she says, caters to her, and follows her around hoping to one day win her affections. Guys like that end up in the friend zone. If you don’t show some confidence, she is going to think of you more as a brother than a boyfriend.

Niceness Can Be Mistaken for Weakness

Another side effect of a lack of confidence is being overly nice to compensate for your assumed weaknesses. A strong and confident man isn’t going to kiss a girl’s ass to win her affections. He isn’t going to worship her and walk on eggshells around her because he doesn’t want to do the wrong thing. Everyone has flaws and it does no good to try to hide them. If you are not being yourself, a girl is going to sense it and she is going to take it as a sign of weakness. If you are timid and submissive to her when you hang out with her, she has every reason to believe that you will be the same way when you are intimate with her.

Don’t Be Afraid to Challenge Her

A strong and confident man will stand up for himself, voice his opinions and not praise a girl for being a girl every second of the day. Her liking you does not hinge on whether you agree with her all the time. She doesn’t want you to agree with everything she says. She wants to be challenged now and then and she wants to see that you have your own personality, thoughts, and feelings that don’t necessarily have to coincide with her own. If you bring a spark and a strong personality to your conversations, she will be too engaged in her interaction with you to even think about getting with a bad boy.

This should at least get you thinking a bit and perhaps you won’t be such a pushover when it comes to women in your life. Be a confident man that looks as confident in his dating profile as he is in real life!