Should You Use Escort Review Sites?


It’s a question that I get from a lot of readers lately. My guess is that it has everything to do with the fact that so many of these escort forums and websites have been closing up faster than a fly trap. Truth be told, I hope they all close up because there’s absolutely nothing good that comes from using these websites. Yes, I’m referring to sites like Backpage as well.

I’ve taken the time to outline some of the main reasons why avoiding these escort review sites is an absolute must. Trust me, if you’re using them or thinking about using them, then you’ll want to think twice about doing so after reading this…

avoid escort review sites

You Definitely Should NOT Use Escort Review Sites – Here’s Why

Take it from a guy that’s done just about anything and everything to make it easier to hook up with girls. These types of sites are not worth using and not only that but they may lead to some bad things for you if you use the wrong forums.

There is a reason why lots of these “pay to play” review sites exist and even more reasons why they are all disappearing. It’s because hiring girls to have sex with you is 100% illegal!

All of the people that join these escort review sites are basically admitting to paying for sex. They are willingly committing to share details of sexual encounters they’ve had with escorts. Yes, an exchange of money took place almost every single time.

Data Is Not Safe

What you need to realize is that when you join an escort review site and you become a member, you’re essentially put on a list. That list is that same list that these government officials are likely confiscating when they shut them down and raid sites.

So, if you’re admitting to paying for sex and a law enforcement agency gets ahold of your contact information, don’t you think they could easily set up a sting to bust you again? Sure as heck they can!

Hit With Marketing 24/7

Some of these escort review websites take it upon themselves to send you offers 24/7 on the hour. They want to squeeze as much money out of you as possible.

That’s why you see so many sites peppered with banner ads. It’s their job to market to you, so keep that in mind.

The Girls Might Be Fake

You have no idea whether or not these girls are real or fake. It’s frustrating enough to not hookup let alone have to deal with fake girls or even worse, hiring one for full service and having some ugly girl show up instead.

On top of that, the girls might be guys trying to rope you in to do nothing but rob you. It happens every single day, seriously.

It’s 100% Illegal In The USA

Some of these escort forums and websites have gone as far as blocking peoples access to them from the United States. Reason being, they don’t want to government to sue them.

They know it’s illegal and most people using them do too. If it’s illegal, then you can bet your bottom dollar it’s going to cost you more money in the long run if you use the website.

Keep in mind, I’m not talking about some Kik sex website, I’m talking about sites that legit leave consumer reviews of escort encounters.

Bottom Line

The bottom line is very simple. If you decide to keep using these sites, you’ll eventually end up getting arrested, robbed, or you might die or get hurt.

That’s the hard truth of it all. So, instead of wasting your time on these sites, I recommend using something like this which connects you with locals who want to hookup for free and legally.

Keep in mind that I’m not saying you should use ALL dating sites. In fact, some of them are scams. Best to stay away from Snapfuck and for sure!

Jenna Shea Is Snapchat, Tumblr & Instagram’s Most Popular Escort!


Let me start things off by saying just how infatuated I am with some of the girls on Snapsext. All of them get completely naked and they’re willing to do things that most Snapchat and Instagram users won’t do. However, once in a blue moon, I come across a girl worth giving praise to and this time it’s none other than Jenna Shea. If you don’t know who Jenna Shea is then you’ve obviously not been spending time on Tumblr or Instagram. She’s perhaps the best thing to come since peanut butter and jelly on white bread.

Seriously though, she’s amazeballs!

Given that I’m all about disclosing everything to you, I want you to know that Jenna Shea is a full-time escort willing to play for pay. Cash only guys! At any rate, I felt the need to share why I love this escort/Instagram chick and why you should consider having sex with her or even one of her doppelgangers.

jenna shea best escort

Why I Love Jenna Shea (Best Escort On This Planet)

Now, I want you to know that I don’t necessarily agree with paying girls to have sex, but sometimes you have to bend the golden rule. Most of the time I never pay for sex. I simply rely on my Snapsext membership and that does the trick. However, I still love Jenna enough to share a few things about her and why she’s the best escort out there.

If you’ve spent a lot of time on casual dating sites (like me) and have seen the perfect blondes who get all of the attention with their perfectly shaped asses and amazing tits, then you know exactly what you’re in for here. When you decide to take Jenna Shea up on her offer to bang, then you’re in for the best treat of your life.

This girl has it all and she loves to show it off and share it with whoever wants a piece of it. She’s got a body that won’t quit and a personality that never lets a good time slip away from her. No matter what you fancy, if you’re paying, then she’s coming along for the ride.

Jenna Shea has been in the escorting game for a very long time and she knows exactly what she’s doing. In fact, you may just have seen her on the arms of celebrities all over the world. She loves stepping out with NBA stars just as much as she loves hanging out with hardcore rappers and football pros. I’ve never seen any pics of her with hockey players but my guess is that she’s banged a few. Hey, I wish I was one of them myself! Jenna is all about having fun and getting down and dirty.

I should mention that Jenna has every single asset that you can think of on lockdown. Booty, boobs, blonde, brains, it’s a gift that we can all appreciate! She loves to share everything about herself with everyone too.

This full-time escort model has got an amazing ass (better than Amber Rose) that she can clap just from the thrusts of her twerks. If you did not know, that’s always the sign of an amazing girl. Just imagine what she can use her body to do to yours. Picture that perfect clapping ass on your johnson and tell me that doesn’t make you want her?

There’s no question that she won’t be the very best experience of your entire life and all you need to do to experience it is give her a call. She’s always up for having fun so long as you have the funds to make it happen.

Let me paint a pretty picture for you. Imagine walking around in public with this perfect girl as arm candy. Every person that passes by will envy you for sure.

She’s always in high demand because people know exactly what she can do. When all of the guys that she passed up to be with you catch you out together, that’ll be the feeling of a lifetime.

Since the first time she put herself out on the scene, guys have been trying to get her attention.

No matter where you usually go to get your booty call, Jenna should now be at the top of your speed dial list. She’s got it all and she can share it with you whenever you want. No matter what you want to do with her, she’ll be right there to provide it for you. All you need is a great imagination and lot of time to kill because she likes to make sure that she does it all right. She’ll never let you down.

I know most people don’t have the money to pay for girls like this, but she’s that hot to mention and her Instagram and Tumblr pictures are good enough alone to mention.

If you choose to not pay for sex, then you can head on over to and join the rest of the willing and able looking to bang for free. That’s what I do almost 99.99% of the time. There have been times where I’ve hired girls from Craigslist and even tried some site,  but I will never do that again!