Simple Ways Ugly Guys Can Still Get Lucky


If you have ugly friends or you yourself are ugly, fear not you can still get laid. We must face the facts that not every man can be an Adonis or a Superman look-alike. Some guys have all the luck in terms of physical characteristics. I’m talking an attractive looking face and physique, but most of us are not that blessed. In fact, we’ve almost all been dealt a bad card or two and that’s just the way things are. In that scenario, we have to turn to other attributes of ourselves to showcase in order to be attractive to women.

Think about it. There are tons of pretty boys out there that have very little to offer a woman other than a pretty face. This most definitely does give less attractive guys an advantage. I’m going to share some of the “other attributes” that many don’t think of when it comes time to pick up a lady.

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Ways Ugly Guys Can Still Attract Hot Local Women

Here are a few simple ways that you can be a more attractive “ladies man,” even if you’re not a supermodel or ken doll look-alike. But before I get into all that I want to share an online dating fact, almost any guy can get lucky with the right amount of effort.

Confidence. You best have it and show it off. The first thing you need to do is stop considering yourself to be ugly. It will show in the way you carry yourself. Confidence is the single most important thing for you to have if you’re not conventionally handsome.

Aloofness. You are a confident “ladies man.” You don’t let anything get to you. Sure, you most definitely want her, but you don’t need her. You are cool, calm, and collective no matter what comes your way. That’s the exact way to be if you want to pick up girls in your local area looking to smash.

Goals and passions. No one wants to hang with someone that doesn’t have goals. In fact, nothing is more attractive than a man who has goals and has a passion for something. Just ask any local girl. If you have a skill, develop it. Dream big and do the work to achieve your goals and you’ll add to your allure while contributing to your future.

A nice physique. Weight does not look good on a man who is not conventionally handsome. You can’t control what you look like, but you can control how nice your body is. Make your body as desirable as possible and it will give you a clear advantage.

A sense of style. It’s okay if you don’t have one built in. If you are clueless about fashion, emulate your favorite star or google some men’s fashions that look like they would suit you. Clothe your nice body with the best.

Don’t hide your political views, but don’t flaunt them. The time to share your political views with a woman is when you want a relationship. That’s when things like this are important. If you’re trying to hook up, keep your politics to yourself or you will be eliminating half your prospects.

Get her buzzed (but not drunk). Alcohol or a joint will loosen up anyone and help them drop their inhibitions. Just be sure her buzz doesn’t turn into drunkenness. The last thing you want to do is take advantage of drunk women. It’s not cool and behavior like that gets around.

Flaunt a big dick. If you’re above average in the “Johnson” department than kudos to you my friend! You best use that to your personal advantage. A larger than average penis will definitely help with your allure. This is one thing that you must have already. It’s not something you can develop. If you have it, use it to your advantage. You don’t have to wear tight jeans, but a dick print doesn’t hurt now and then.

Learn to cut a rug. This will make you instantly more attractive in the club. I dance pretty well and even do some basic classic dance moves. It’ll help you get women as it continues to do so for me still to this day.

Be up for anything. Be spontaneous and ready for an adventure and adventure will find you. In fact, I’ve had some of the best times of my life with women that I didn’t have a care in the world for. We threw caution to the wind and just went for it. That made things that much better!

Trust me when I say that this can and will make your dating life that much better. If you are an ugly dude that never gets laid, just follow what I’ve said and do what you’re told. You better be using this website or another site if you’re planning on putting forth some serious effort and you’re interested in real results.