Personal Benefits Of Having An Orgasm On The Regular


There are lots of reasons why you should be hooking up with people and having casual sex regularly. Sure, it’s to get off and feel good but there are reasons much deeper than that which you need to become familiar with. I’ll try my best not to get too scientific on you here. Pay close attention to learn why having an orgasm is great for you!

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Main Reasons Why Having An Orgasm Is Great For You

One of the main reasons that I even use sext dating websites is to have more orgasms. Assuming you have had plenty in your lifetime, orgasms are one of the most euphoric and fully satisfying sensations a human being can have. They feel good, but they can also be good for your health and well-being. Just remember. If they feel this good to you, they feel that good to your partner as well. That’s why you should give them as many as possible. Here are the top 5 advantages of having regular orgasms.

You Will Eat Less

Having an orgasm on a regular basis can help keep your body in shape because you eat less. You tend to have less of an appetite when you have frequent orgasms. This is likely caused by the increase of oxytocin and dopamine in the body when it is in a heightened state of arousal. It also lowers your blood pressure and improves digestion. Plus, you get plenty of exercises giving and receiving these orgasms.

Avoid Depression

The production of oxytocin also helps reduce stress and depression. Having someone who assists you in having orgasms is a stress reducer in itself. This is cause for contentment and so is the release. Achieving orgasms on a regular basis keeps your body healthy and your mind content. If you have this release along with a healthy dose of dopamine and oxytocin on a regular basis, you never have any reason to feel down.

Sleep Much Better

Have you ever noticed that you often feel sleepy after sex? It’s not just because you are exhausted from the physical exertion. You are also feeling the presence of oxytocin reducing your cortisol levels. This relaxes your body and this level of relaxation often causes one to feel a bit drowsy. The more affection you feel for your partner, the more satisfying the release. The more satisfying the release, the better sleep you get. If you want to really up the ante, you can line up your date so that morning sex is on the menu! That’s a double whammy in a good way!

Get Along Better With Other People

If you can’t get along with people, then you’re going to have a hard time meeting people and building relationships, just saying! The reduction of stress brought about by regular orgasms will probably help you get along better with others and you will be better in social situations. Lack of sex and sexual release often makes us cranky and we feel a pressure building inside of us. This can make you grumpy and less prepared to deal with others. If this pressure is released on a regular basis, you will be better equipped to deal with whatever the other people in your life throw at you.

Become More Confident and Personally Content

If you are having a regular orgasm and you are experiencing better sleep and reduced stress; it makes sense that you would become a more confident and content person. You will feel relaxed and ready to skate through any problems that may arise. An overall sense of wellbeing, both physical and emotional, is enough to make anyone a happier and more self-assured person.

That’s all I got for you today. Unfortunately, I don’t have any time to share more tips, I’m too busy trying to find someone to help me have an orgasm! 😛