MeetWild Review: You Will Not Meet Anyone!

Do you ever have the urge to meet people online? There’s nothing more exciting than meeting wild people who are willing to bang on the first date. It’s something that I do quite often and you can expect that it’s only going to get better as time progresses you dive deeper into dating networks. Well, that’s not the case with They’re out to scam users, that’s all really. Here’s my full report on everything that I learned about this website and why you want to avoid the site at all costs. Reviews Review Tells All

I’ll start with the basics here…

Dating site scams are everywhere and that’s because these scammers are really dedicated to defrauding consumers. People are desperate for love and connection so there will always be scammers who try and take advantage of that. One of their favorite tricks is to make it seem like there are local girls who are right near you who are desperate to hook up.

All the women will appear young and beautiful and the images alone will be enough to lure most people in. But you have to realize that there is nothing here good for you, and the site will go through a lot of trouble to con you into thinking everything is on the up and up. This can seem like a very attractive place to frequent, especially if these women are just your type.

Deceptive Price Packages

The site looks and functions much like a typical dating site. The home page is modeled after more reputable sites and many of the features, like direct messaging and search, are also available. The first red flag you’ll get is the curious price rates on the membership packages. They have packages that range from about four dollars for a few days to over a hundred dollars for six months. However, they don’t mention that the three-day membership automatically recurs at forty dollars a month unless you cancel it. This type of deceptive practice is backed up in the terms and conditions.

Before you can go any further you are prompted to agree to the terms and conditions. This is how they get away with scamming you legally, by making you sign a document that says you acknowledge the business practices being used.

Right in the terms, it states that you have to agree to the fact that they will sometimes use employees to create traffic on the site. This is another way of them saying that there are fake profiles on the site that are either being run by employees or being run by computer bots. They pretend like these accounts only exist for promotion purposes, but the reality is the entire community is made up almost entirely of these accounts.

Conclusion: Fake Messages and Pictures Prove It’s a Fraud

It becomes clear the moment you sign up that nothing here can actually be real. You will find that several of these fake accounts have already messaged you and emailed you, and are claiming to be desperate to talk. The moment you try to talk to any of these accounts, you are prompted to upgrade your account. This is how they get people. If you do end up talking to a real girl, she’s almost surely a paid employee whose intention is simply to keep you on the site as long as possible so they can bill you as often as they can.

They will tell you that all these women are winking at you, but this is just a fake activity to make you think your account is being interacted with. This site may seem enticing because of the quality of women that appear to be on there, but these profiles are all stolen images from across the internet.

A basic reverse image search will have you discover that all these pictures are stolen from public sites from all over. These are not actually real women who have put up these pictures. They are amateur porn stars and escorts who take seductive photos for a living. Those pictures are then used to help lure you into giving over your money. Don’t fall for this trick and stay far away from sites such as this.

If you’re looking to bang, you’re not going to do it here. Just give this site a shot to really hook up.