MeetMeSexy Review: I Uncovered Some Real Nonsense Here…

I’m all about meeting people to hook up with. When it comes to meeting people, I pretty much jump at every opportunity there is in front of me. That said, when I came across the MeetMeSexy website, I obviously had to take action. The result of doing so was like taking off a stuffed bra – the worst.

stuffed bra

There’s nothing worse than finding out you’ve been scammed or that you’re not getting what you ordered. One of the reasons why I’m writing this review today is to share what I know about the website and let you know just how awful it really is and why consumers should avoid it completely.

After digesting this information, you’ll likely take a different path when it comes to meeting someone and hooking up. Trust me on this one, it’s a must-read.

Why Is A Bad Idea

MeetMeSexy is the same old scam that you can come across over and over again on the internet. It’s the same thing that tons of other sites try to get over on you. The entire site is filled with fake profiles that send you fake messages.

None of it is real.

The end goal is to get you to upgrade your membership. They make sure that happens by limiting your access under a free profile. You won’t be able to look into the bogus things that are coming your way unless you open up your wallet. They don’t even bother getting creative about the scams that they hit you with.

Profiles For-Profit Only?

The majority of profiles on the site are nothing but sad little illusions. The women you see on the profile pictures have no idea that they’re on the site. They’ve either been purchased or stolen from other sites.

You can usually find them on porn sites. All you have to do is run a reverse image search. You’ll get more than enough results to see that it’s fake. You can pick as many different photos as you want and the results will always be the same. It happens so often with dating sites that you should always take the time to run a few image searches before you get into it.

Messages For Nothing

You’re going to be getting a ton of messages with your free account. The problem is that you won’t be able to respond to any of them. If you want that, you have to upgrade. That’s where the scam comes in.

None of the messages that you’ve been getting have been real. They’re all computer generated or written by employees. You already know that the profiles are fake. That can only mean that the messages are just as fake. You can’t let curiosity get the best of you. It will only cost you money without giving you anything at all in return for it.

Terms For Protection

All it takes is a look at the terms of service to see what’s going on here. They tell you straight up that they’re sending you the messages. That doesn’t mean they blatantly tell you they’re scam artists, though.

They say that they’re sending messages to prompt conversation and use of the site. They’re just making sure that you pay for the privilege. It’s all a giant run around designed to get them as much money as they need to stay in business.


Don’t waste any time on MeetMeSexy. You’re not going to be meeting anyone. It’s all just a great big lie. The profiles are fake. Everything they do is fake. It’s just done to trick you into upgrading your profile. You’ll soon see that there’s no reason to spend your time on it. You’ll just end up giving them money for nothing. There is a better site out there for you to use – trust me.

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