LocalSexFriends Review: The Fraudsters Of The Year In Age Verification!

Who likes staying local? I love to stay local myself and I sure as hell enjoy having sex on the regular. The problem that I’ve run into is that not all local dating sites are legit. One of those sites is Locasexfriends.com. I’m going to cover all this and then some. My advice would be to read this whether you’re a Snapchat freak, online booty call lover, or a no strings attached dater, then you need to read this in full. I’ll just come out and say that LocalSexFriends doesn’t work. Nope, it doesn’t and you’re going to get pissed off when you hear that but it’s honest to god, the truth.

LocalSexFriends.com Site

LocalSexFriends Overview & Complete Rundown Below

Though there are many dating scam sites out on the web, few are as dangerous as local sex friends. There are a variety of ways typical dating scam sites work. One common way is to redirect you to other third party sites where they try to get you onto an unsecured network.

Another is offering you a free membership so you can be enticed, but blocking all the features until you get a paid membership. Local Sex friends is unique because it both immediately redirects you, and doesn’t even bother to offer you a free membership. All of their features are hidden behind a paywall. To even fully register your “free account” you will be sent to a page that asks for your credit card information. They claim to want this info to verify your age (just like this network here). This is not typical in business and is a clear sign there’s a scam going on.

Credit Card Information Scam

There are a variety of ways scam sites can use your credit card information to make money, that doesn’t necessarily require them to make charges themselves onto your card. However, at LocalSexfriends, the devil is in the details. Upon signing up, the site states that you have agreed to have your card charged by four different dating websites! All of which are scams. This is why they tried to lure you in with the age verification portion at sign up.

They want to get your financial information as soon as possible so that they can charge you. They will say that you have a free membership to local sex friends and a free two day trial period to one of the partner dating sites. But after those two days, you will be charged forty dollars, a fee that will recur monthly if you do not cancel the membership.

Straight To A CougarLife Scam

LocalSexFriends does not even offer anything on the site. It will send you to Cougar Life that will start to charge you after the free trial. What’s even worse is that it doesn’t end there! Cougar life is tied to three other scam dating sites that also automatically charge you after the two day trial period. All of this is written in the fine print of your initial “free membership” from local sex friends. If you don’t realize this, you will find a monthly bill of one hundred and sixty dollars suddenly charged to your account! This is one of the more brazen and malicious scams around.

Verdict: LocalSexFriends Is NOT Your Friend, They Just Scam People

It goes without saying that these sites that force your membership do not even have real profiles on them. All of the profiles are of fake women, all of the messages and emails you will receive are from bots, and you will never get a single hookup from frequenting these sites. The whole point is to appear legit so they can steal your money. The Local Sex Friends website is one of the worst offenders in the scamming business, and you should be sure to stay far away if you ever are unlucky enough to come across it.

Now, are there others like this that you need to worry about? You better believe there are and if you get caught in those scams you’ll 100% find that it’s a bad place to be. I’m talking about Snapsex.co, Fish4Hoes.com, and even Fuckbook.com. They all suck balls, but if you want to really get lucky and hookup, then all you have to do is give the site on the homepage a try. It’s simply the absolute best!

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