How To Have Orgasms While Keeping Your Virginity


I typically don’t write for the girls but this time I decided to do something different. Whether you are young and in love or you have religious beliefs that won’t allow you to have sex until you are married; there is nothing quite like the experience of having an orgasm. The good news is; even if you are a virgin, you don’t have to live without having orgasms.

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How To Have Orgasms While Remaining A Virgin

Some guys date virgins just because they want the challenge of getting in their pants and acquiring bragging rights for being the one who popped your cherry. Avoid those guys like the plague. If you’re female and you find a guy who is not one of these douchebags, you might want to find some ways to get off without actual penetration.

Everyone needs a release, even a virgin. If he is patient enough to work with you to give you an orgasm without penetrating you, he’s probably a keeper. That’s why I put together some tips to help you have an orgasm and still maintain your purity.

One thing you should always remember is that, whether you are a virgin or not, foreplay is the key to drive up your arousal in a way that gives you a deep and satisfying orgasm. He should know this, and if he doesn’t, you can help him learn. All he has to do is make the effort to give you an orgasm and leave out the penetration part.

Penetration is replaced by an orgasm and maybe even another.  It shouldn’t be all that difficult to stop there if you both have some control and you help him finish afterwards. Trust me: if he sees a beautiful virgin writhing under him having a deep and intense full body orgasms, it’s not going to be that much of a challenge to give him a release of his own.

  • Communication: Make sure that he knows how far you are willing to go with him. This way he will know how far to take your sexual encounter without mistakenly thinking that you are ready to take it all the way.
  • Kissing and touching: Now that he knows how far he can go, you can get as passionate as you like with kissing and touching. Touch him all over his body and encourage him to touch yours.
  • Oral sex: The building block to a deep orgasm. The key is clit stimulation. If he doesn’t quite know how to do it, don’t be too afraid or embarrassed to teach him what turns you on. He will likely appreciate it and not mind learning to satisfy you because he will be getting his release as well. He should know that less is more and a little teasing goes a long way. Softly stimulating you then pulling back will start to drive up your arousal pretty quickly. A little tongue on the clitoris, maybe some light fingering. Guide him and let him know when he’s doing it right and he should pay attention to your arousal and adjust the intensity accordingly.
  • The art of dry humping: Dry humping can be a virgin’s best friend. It not only gives you pleasure by putting pressure on your pelvis and clitoris, it also gives him pleasure by feeling he erect penis rub against you. The less material between your genitals the better, so wearing thin shorts are your best bet.
  • Finishing off: After your orgasm, he’s going to be close to release, so it’s important to turn your attention to his penis as soon as the waves of your orgasm start to subside. The easiest way is to use your hands, or you can adjust your pelvis to give him better friction. Use your hands to stroke his erect penis. The more contact the penis has with your body the better, so keep that in mind as you stroke him. You can also use your mouth, but that’s a whole other article in itself.

If you need anything at all in terms of advice and you want help in finding someone to hookup with then just contact me. If you want to just have orgasms with some random virgin, then read this article all over!