Online Dating When Home For The Holiday


If you’re planning on going home for the holidays. There’s something that you need to know about online dating. When you’re home for the holidays, it can be a bit different at times and there’s a few things you’ll want to know. Trust me, you can have one heck of a successful dating experience while you’re home for the holidays but you need to take the right approach. Here are a few things to remember when hooking up at home for the holiday!

dating home for the holiday

Online Dating While Home During The Holiday Season

A few things that you need to know before you attempt to meet someone during the holidays while home from college. This holiday, you may get lucky and have a blast or you may not get any action at all. I’m going to try to make sure you score, but regardless, you need to check the list out below.

People Back Home Want Sex Too.

You’re horny and want to fuck while at college right? Of course, you do and so don’t most of the other people home from school. They’re looking for sex and want it just as badly as you do. So don’t think you’re the only one. There are plenty out there. You just need to convince someone to have sex with you!

You May See High School Friends Online

Don’t get nervous if you see some old high school friends on the dating website you’re currently using when you get home. It’s nothing to worry about really. You just need to tread lightly and try to hook up with someone that’s not local all the time. If they’re going back to school in a couple weeks then you’ll likely be able to get away with hooking up with them and keeping it on the D.L.

Hooking Up May Be Harder

Hooking up may be harder in your hometown than you think. However, so long as you’re using the best hookup app possible then you’ll, at least, increase your chances of actually getting laid.

Don’t Rule Out or Judge Anyone

If you see someone online that you’ve previously ruled out from hooking up with, I’d suggest you not judge and consider them as potential sex partners. I’ve actually fucked a few girls who were nerds in high school that all of the sudden went to college and turned into girls that know how to fuck like champs.