Bone Aholic Dating Site Review


Do you like to bone locals? If not, then maybe you shouldn’t be even reading this blog post. But if so, then I’m glad you’re reading, because Bone Aholic is a site that you need to avoid. They also refer to this as Either way, here is a full rundown and what you need to know about the site before attempting to join…

Bone Aholic

Bone Aholic Review: It’s A Scam Site

There are way too many dating sites on the internet for all of them to be real. That’s just the way that it is. If every site actually did what it said, there wouldn’t be anyone left to use them. Every person on the planet would have a hookup or a relationship whenever they wanted it. The simple fact is that a lot of those dating sites are nothing more than scam sites.

They lure you in with promises that they can’t deliver on and hope that you give them money before you figure out what’s going on. That’s what’s happening on Bone Aholic. It’s a scam site that has nothing to offer anyone. They start scamming you as soon as you sign up and it never stops. If you let them scam you then you’ll be out a lot of money and you’ll never be able to get any of it back.

You Get Messages Right Away

As soon as you sign up, you’re going to start getting messages in your inbox. They’re going to be immediate and they’re not going to stop.

All of the people sending them will be exactly the kind of users that you want to talk to. They’re going to have very attractive profile pictures and they’ll do nothing but talk about how much they want to hook up with people. That’s all part of the scam.

If you try to respond to any of these messages, you’re going to see that you can’t very quickly. That’s all by design. If you want to send any messages on the site then you’ll have to pay to upgrade your account.

This is a monthly fee that you’ll have to pay to send any messages on the site. The problem is that you’re just paying to send messages to bots.

The Profiles Are Fake

What’s happening here is that all of the profiles you’re seeing are totally fake. The people you see on them have never been on the site. The site is creating these profiles to send you fake messages.

They want to trick you into upgrading your account so you can respond. That’s all the site is after and you’ll never be able to talk to a real person here. That’s because no one on the site has ever been real. It’s always been meant as a scam and that’s what it still is.

Conclusion: Stay Away From Bone Aholic

You don’t have to spend any time on Bone Aholic. It’s just not worth it. The whole site is a scam. It’s never been meant to work as a real dating site. It only exists to send you fake messages and trick you into giving them money.

The best thing that you can do is to simply stay away from the site. It’s never going to have anything to offer you. You’ll just end up wasting your time and your money and getting nothing at all in return for it.